Academic Publication: Ultra High Performance Heat Sink

16th IEEE ITHERM Conference (2017)

An Ultra High Performance Heat Sink Using a Novel hybrid Impinging Microjet – Microchannel Structure

A.J. Robinson, W. Tan, R. Kempers, J. Colenbrander, N. Bushnell, R. Chen


This work describes the development of a single phase water-cooled microfluidic heat exchanger for cooling very high heat flux electronics. The heat sink was designed for a unique additive manufacturing process capable of manufacturing millimeter-scale metallic parts with micron- scale features. The design was undertaken using Simulation- Driven Design whereby the commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics software ANSYS Fluent was utilized. The final embodiment of the design is a water-cooled microchannel heat sink using an array of fins with integrated microjets (FINJET [TM] architecture). The thermal performance is quite extraordinary, with a measured effective thermal conductance of 296 kW/m2K for a flow rate of 0.5 L/min. With such an exceptionally high thermal conductance, the heat sink is predicted to maintain an average base temperature of under 58ºC with a maximum variation about the mean of ±3ºC for an imposed heat flux of 1000 W/cm2.