Experimental Investigations

Our team’s bread and butter is in designing, building and performing physical experiments.  From the beginning of a literature review, we have this phase in mind. It allows our clients to prove the concept we developed together in the design phases.

With our clients, we finalize a prototype design, and have it built for experimental testing.

We can design and construct highly accurate apparatus for all manner of thermal-hydraulic characterization. We have extensive experience in experimental design and execution, and can often predict areas of risk before they become a problem. If necessary, we will perform simulation of components within the system to ensure the optimum performance of the facility. We can set up the experimental facilities in our laboratory, or design a complete system for use at our client’s location. Data acquisition and control are considered as fundamental issues throughout the experimental design phase.

Once fully commissioned, the test facility will be used to characterize the performance of a prototype or a series of prototypes, in order to verify modelling predications and establish solid experimental results upon which commercialization efforts can be based.