The principals of Confluent Research are Dr. Tony Robinson, Dr. Roger Kempers and Mr. John Colenbrander.

We are physically located in Ireland and Canada, and travel virtually to clients located across the globe.

Confluent Research Ltd. provides expert engineering consulting and research services in all areas of thermal fluids, heat transfer and fluid dynamics.

We use state of the art experimental equipment and multiphysics modelling techniques for a host of services including but not limited to:

• System diagnostics

• Thermal trouble shooting

• Product development

• Safety analysis

• Thermal system design

• Product optimization

• Reliability testing

• Experimental design

• Forensic engineering

• Failure analysis

Our clients come from a broad and diverse range of industries with a variety of thermal challenges. Applications include;

• Electronic packaging

• Automotive


• Heat recovery

• Manufacturing

• Biomedical

• Food and drink

• Aerospace

• Built environment