Fundamental Investigations / Literature Reviews / Brainstorming

Literature Reviews

Our fundamental investigations involve reviewing the literature on a focused subject. This is typically in support of our client’s desire to dig deep into a new area for them, with the goal of producing a new or improved product, usually with some form of new Intellectual Property (IP).

Our team has extensive experience navigating the literature and preparing academic quality literature reviews in many thermal management subjects. In addition, we approach this part of a project with a broad and deep background, such that we can offer suggestions for exploration to our clients at the outset, and save time in learning the generalities of a subject.

We typically meet with our clients regularly throughout the literature review phase, presenting state-of-the art information along the way, so that the client is engaged and actively involved in guiding the outcome. A final literature review presentation may be arranged, in order to communicate findings to a larger client stakeholder group, such as management or a marketing/design team.

In the final report, we define the state-of-the art in our client’s area of interest, and in most cases we are able to highlight areas of opportunity, technology development and innovation, in the context of a specific client’s manufacturing or technology situation. The literature review can often be used in direct support of IP/patent writing, or by marketing teams.

Follow-up: Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a tool that is commonly used to obtain as many ideas as possible in as short a time as possible, and such, is also referred to as idea generation, or “ideation”. The Confluent Research team has facilitated many formal ideation sessions with the goal of identifying design/development opportunities. An ideation session can include a series of guided exercises that allow for all team members to have their voices heard and ideas shared. These activities also create an environment that allows for building on ideas, or juxtaposing contexts, to the point of creating truly novel ideas.

Upon completing the literature review presentation, often immediately following it, a brainstorming session can be held with stakeholders to identify high-potential areas for commercialization or further development. Possible embodiments may be considered across a variety of industries and specific areas of application.

Follow-up activities by Confluent Research and our clients are performed to  fill in any missing information required to filter the large quantity of ideas from this process down to the most appropriate concept direction(s) for investment/investigation.

Ultimately, Confluent Research could present recommendations for development activities based on a concept selection framework.